Our vision is to establish preeminence as a platform encompassing home living, outdoor furnishing, and digital art services, delivering unparalleled products and services to our valued clientele.


Our mission is to foster a Win/Win/Win business model, connecting manufacturers/brands/artists to buyers through our omnichannel distribution. With our expertise in digital marketing, IP protection, and brand building, we aim to ensure mutual success for all parties involved.

About Us

ZonFair.com (ZF) is a service platform that aims to create a win-win-win situation for sellers, customers, and the platform itself. Its primary focus is on facilitating the distribution of high-quality and unique home and outdoor furnishing products to customers.

ZF was founded by a collective of e-commerce entrepreneurs, an international business team, and intellectual property experts. This diverse team brings expertise in various areas, including online sales, shipping, inventory management, pricing strategies, and brand protection.

The platform operates primarily through organic sales, meaning that it emphasizes natural and authentic customer engagement rather than relying heavily on paid advertising. This approach ensures that customers are genuinely interested in the products and helps build long-lasting relationships.

ZF also prioritizes efficient shipping and inventory management, enabling manufacturers/brands to deliver products to customers in a timely manner. By optimizing these processes, ZF aims to provide an effective and streamlined experience for all parties involved.

Additionally, ZF takes strategic measures to protect the interests of the brands it works with right from the start. This includes safeguarding intellectual property rights and implementing strategies to ensure brand visibility and recognition in the market. Overall, ZonFair.com strives to create a platform where manufacturers/brands/artists can successfully distribute their quality products, customers can find unique and desirable items for their home living.

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